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Bill Mauldin, Cartoonist

"The army sergeant who created Willie and Joe, the cartoon characters who became enduring symbols of the grimy, irrepressible American infantrymen who triumphed over the German Army and prevailed over their own rear-echelon officers in World War II." ... (Cartoonist Bill Mauldin) "went on for more than 50 years to caricature ... pompous souls in whatever form they appeared." --"The New York Times"
Bill Mauldin, Friend of GIs as Creator of "Willie and Joe"
The cartoonist's obituary in "Stars and Stripes," the military publication which first presented his drawings during World War II.
Bill Mauldin, Cartoonist Who Showed WWII Through G.I. Eyes
"The New York Times" obituary for the two-time Pulitzer Prize-winning cartoonist, January 23, 2003. Free registration may be required.
Bill Mauldin's WWII "Stars and Stripes" Cartoons
Dozens of cartoon reproductions are presented here.
Willie and Joe Cartoons
A few Bill Mauldin panels, presented by 5AD Online.
"War Letters"
In conjunction with a PBS documentary for the "American Experience" series, a gallery of Bill Mauldin's WWII cartoons appear online.
Bill Mauldin Meets Gen. Patton and Other Remembrances
A biographical page, from Spartacus Educational, offers anecdotal material on the artist and several cartoons.
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