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The 12 Best Next Media Animation Videos

Taiwan's most widely viewed news source takes on today's issues.


Have trouble keeping up with "the news"? Can't stand the shouters on cable, the fear frenzy of your local newscast, or all the tedious reading required by newspapers? Rather just watch silly videos on YouTube? Well wake up, buddy, the news is now fully available in silly YouTube video format, thanks to the geniuses at Taiwan-based Next Media Animation.

From starlets to politics, Next Media covers the news in a manner that makes the Daily Show look straight-laced and staid. The videos have become a hit in the US and have appeared on Adult Swim, Conan, and countless Twitter feeds. Here's a rundown of their best work.

1. Brett Favre's Pecker

Image courtesy of YouTube
Football star and noted "sexter" Brett Favre, who is loosely based on Dennis Quaid's character in Any Given Sunday, was a prime candidate for the Next Media Animation treatment. Has anything ever been so appropriate for NMA's over-the-top visual metaphors as the adventures of Favre and his penis? No. Nothing has. (English Subtitles)

2. US-Sino Currency Rap Battle

The main story out of this year's G20 conference was China's objection to the US Federal Reserve's proposed strategy of quantitative easing, a desperate measure to further lower interest rates beyond what can be accomplished with traditional - oh, Jesus, this is boring. Just watch this absurd rap battle between Presidents Obama and Hu and be enlightened. (In English, with English Subtitles)

3. Sarah Palin Gunning for 2012

Image courtesy of YouTube
In this video about the uniquely American Sarah Palin phenomenon, you'll see the former Alaska governor jump out of a plane, smoke weed, pole dance and mud wrestle. It's as if she were recreating the nightly lineup of Spike TV!

4. Do You Belieber Justin Bieber?

Image courtesy of YouTube
Justin Bieber has been getting into some trouble lately. This video covers Bieber's alleged assault of a twelve year-old boy at a laser tag arena. All I have to say is, pick on someone your own size, twelve year-old boy. (English Subtitles)

5. JetBlue Drama - Stephen Slater Quits

Image courtesy of YouTube
Flight attendant Stephen Slater became the most famous and beloved person in America for about two days this summer when he quit his job in spectacular fashion, sliding down his plane's escape chute with a beer in each hand following a tough shift. Nobody had ever seen anything like it. And you haven't really seen anything like it until you've seen it in half-assed Taiwanese animation.

6. Conan Returns to TV

Image courtesy of YouTube
Next Media covered Conan O'Brien's debut on TBS on November 8th, and the clip was played on his first episode that night. Enjoy the amusing depiction of Conan's fans and his legal wrangling with NBC. This video also confirms that yes, half the people in Taiwan are pandas. (English Subtitles)

7. Al Gore, Sex-Crazed Poodle

Image courtesy of YouTube
Al Gore's wholesome, boring-dad image was sullied over the summer when a Portland masseuse accused him of sexual assaulting her in 2006. No charges were filed, but anyone who saw Gore's 2000 Rolling Stone cover knew he had a naughty side. Because he had a boner. Starring Silvio Berlusconi as Al Gore, apparently.

8. Giant Boobs Add to Customer's Burden

Men like large breasts, unless they're inadvertently resting on a food scale and increasing the price of his produce. There are no metaphors or euphemisms in the previous sentence, that is exactly what happened. Here's the gratuitously boobalicious coverage.

9. Steve Jobs Loses It Over Confiscated Throwing Stars

Image courtesy of YouTube
It was reported in September that Steve Jobs was not allowed to board a flight in Japan because his carry-on bag contained ninja throwing stars. Apple and Jobs deny this, but after you watch this video you'll kind of hope it actually happened.

10. Bed Bugs Take Over USA

Image courtesy of YouTube
Bed Bugs are doubtless a terrifying scourge, especially for those who live in bug-ravaged New York City. But hey, it could be worse. They could be HORRIFYING FIVE-FOOT-TALL MONSTERS like they are in this video! (English Subtitles)

11. The Passion of Mel Gibson

Image courtesy of YouTube
Oh, Mel Gibson. What more is there to say? All his recent failures aside, this video is worth is solely for the "recreation" of his 1996 Academy Awards acceptance speech. (English Subtitles)

12. Snooki in the News

Image courtesy of YouTube
An international look at the misadventures of Jersey Shore's standout star, Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi. It's a little hard to tell what's going on in this video because it isn't subtitled in English. Then again, neither is Jersey Shore and people seem to enjoy watching that.

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