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The 10 Funniest, Most Awkward Selfies Ever

Check out ten of the most cringeworthy self-portraits ever uploaded.


In today's day and age, just about everyone under the sun owns a cell phone with a pretty decent camera built into it, so it makes sense that the art of taking a self-portrait, or selfie, has hit the mainstream in a very big way.  In fact, the Oxford online dictionary even proclaimed 2013 the "Year of the Selfie."

Like anything else, the popularity of documenting your own lovely (or not) face can often lead to some very funny pictures, and not just among the celebrities who enjoy sharing their lives on Instagram, Twitter, and other social media outlets.

Check out ten of the most awkwardly hilarious selfies ever uploaded.

1. The "I Just Got Pulled Over" Selfie


There's a time and a place for everything, and that awkward moment when you're getting a speeding ticket is definitely neither the time nor the place to snap a selfie!  You've got to hand it to this guy, however; he's got chutzpah to spare.

2. The "Pre-Robbery" Selfie


These two Swedish teenage girls might have gotten away with robbing that burger joint if it weren't for some pretty incriminating evidence found on one of the girl's cell phone.  After a K-9 unit tracked the girls to their home, they discovered these selfies on one of the girls' cell phones.  Durrrrr.

3. The "On the John" Selfie


Seriously, guys?  I don't care how good you think you look, please wait until your friend is finished taking a poo before snapping your mirror selfie.

4. The "Dead Grandma Photobomb" Selfie


It's bad enough that taking a selfie at a funeral is common enough that there's a whole Tumblr blog devoted to the topic, but posing with the deceased in plain view behind you?  Terribly awkward, and terribly bad form.

5. The "Is That Dog Poo?" Selfie


Sure, it's a cool enough picture, with the leaves on her eyes, her cute hat, and all... but this girl obviously didn't notice that she's lying right next to a big ol' pile of dog poop.  Ewwwwww.

6. The "He's Right Behind Me, Isn't He?" Selfie


A zookeeper in Nebraska was taking a "this is my serious face" selfie when this Sulawesi macaque ape decided to photobomb her pic.  The awkwardness comes from the fact that her face is so serious, while his is cartoonishly happy.

7. The "Why Am I Doing This?" Selfie


Okay, so he likes chocolate syrup, and who can blame him?  That stuff is delicious.  But still.  This is seriously a sticky, nasty mess!  Makes me want to take a shower, and not a sexy shower, either.  Yuck.

8. The "Camera Thinks I'm A Horse's Butt" Selfie


 Auto-focus can be a very useful tool, until it decides to focus on the horse bum behind you rather than your face. Awwwwwkward!

9. The "Oh Hi, Grandma" Seflie


There's nothing like including a sweet old lady in your slutty bathroom selfie antics, right?  Better yet, have Grandma hold up your leg for you too.  Classy.

10. The "Here's My Lawnmower" Selfie


Okay, you're proud of your new lawn mower, clearly, but is holding the darn thing up at eye level really the best way to share a photo of it?  As a matter of fact, why do you have to be in the picture at all?  Just take a picture of the dang lawn mower by itself, on the ground, like a normal person!  Sheesh.  (This one clearly bothers me more than it should.)

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