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Funniest Valentine's Day Humor

Celebrate Valentine's (or Singleness Awareness) Day with humor.


It's Valentine's Day, and love is in the air! Okay, maybe not. In fact, quite a number of people dislike this "Hallmark Holiday," and some people have even dubbed it "Singleness Awareness Day." Whether you enjoy celebrating Valentine's Day or you just go with the flow and do the bare minimum, one thing is certain: there are lots of funny Valentine's Day jokes floating around the web today! Not bad for a holiday that is held on the date of a massacre, am I right?

I've compiled a list of some of the best Valentine's Day (and Anti-Valentine's Day) humor available today. Enjoy it.

1. "Padma By Padma" on Funny Or Die

Humor website Funny Or Die spoofs the home shopping channel with this Valentine's Day infomercial featuring model and television personality, Padma Lakshmi. In this increasingly-uncomfortable ad Lakshmi shows off a series of unfortunate fashion choices that are all designed to display her trademark arm scar. If you don't think this sounds funny, I'll just leave you with two words from the video: "Scar hole."

2. "Wes Anderson Valentine's Day Cards" on Flavorwire

Created by Jennifer Lewis for Flavorwire, these quirky Valentine's Day cards are modeled after the artistic films of writer/director Wes Anderson. Any fans of movies like The Royal Tenenbaums, The Life Aquatic With Steve Zissou, and The Darjeeling Limited will recognize the deadpan expressions of damaged love offered by these very funny characters.

If Wes Anderson isn't your thing, Lewis has also created a great set of Arrested Development Valentine's Day cards as well. You can see those on Flavorwire.

3. Valentine's Day Someecards

Someecards is on top of pretty much every occasion, from major holidays to a run-of-the-mill bad day. This electronic greeting card site has so many hilarious Valentine's Day cards to choose from, you might have a hard time deciding between overtly-sexual, and downright snarky. Have fun selecting the perfect card for that special someone... or for everyone in your little black book. Whatever floats your boat; I don't judge.

4. "Funny Valentine's Day Quotes" on HuffPost Comedy

In honor of Valentine's Day, The Huffington Post has compiled a very funny list of quotes from famous comedians. As you'd expect, comedians don't always have the best track record when it comes to romance, so these quotes are sometimes hilariously-bitter.

5. "Valentine's Day Sucks" on The Chive

Humor site The Chive, which was rated as one of About.com's "Most Addictive Websites of 2013," has compiled a great list of funny anti-Valentine's Day images here.

6. "What You're Saying With Your Valentine's Gift" on College Humor

College Humor has compiled a handy list of popular Valentine's Day gifts that send more of a message than you bargained for. Most gifts have a hidden connotation, but giving things like a cutesy teddy bear or a candle send a message that you might not want to receive. Some of these images are NSFW due to language.

7. "Funniest Failed Text Messages For Valentine's Day" by Damn You, Autocorrect

The hilarious Damn You, Autocorrect blog has collected fourteen terrific love-themed texting fails in honor of Valentine's Day.

8. "Top 20 Offensive (and Funny) Images" by Chicago Now

Chicago Now writer Nikki Lynette gives us a "Crappy Valentine's" list of the funniest, yet also most offensive, Valentine's Day images online. Reader beware: as the title suggests, some of these items are NSFW.

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