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15 Funny Definitions On Urban Dictionary

In the evolution of internet slang, sometimes things go awry.


Urban Dictionary is a site that collects user-submitted definitions for internet slang, phrases, and expressions. Since one of our goals here on About Web Humor is to keep you up to date on the latest, greatest, and strangest funny stuff on the internet, here's my list of 15 very funny definitions on Urban Dictionary right now. We hope that you McConaughey it.

Note: Many definitions on Urban Dictionary are NSFW, but I've kept this list (relatively) clean for you. You're welcome.

1. McConaughey

"Relax! You gotta learn to McConaughey more!"

This phrase is named after actor Matthew McConaughey. McConaughey has made a career out of appearing shirtless in his movies, and he's made headlines for his naked bongo-playing and legendary laid-back Texan attitude, so it's little wonder that his name has turned into a verb that means, "To enjoy the gifts life has brought you."


Millions of Americans are NASCAR fans, but for every fan of this car racing sport there are about ten people who can't wait to make fun of it. For this reason, there are no fewer than seven entries for NASCAR on Urban Dictionary, all of which are derogatory (but undeniably funny). My favorite: "An event in which big car-shaped billboards, bearing the names of hundreds of corporations, are somehow driven around a track at very high speeds by smaller, human-shaped billboards."

3. Webtrovert

This is someone who is shy in real life, but who is extremely extroverted and social online. Sound like anyone you know?

4. Christmas Syndrome

We've all done this. You look forward to a big event or holiday (like Christmas) for weeks, and then when it actually comes you find it boring or disappointing.

5. Weiner Cousins (Link NSFW)

I know, I said this would be a clean list... but I couldn't resist this addition! "Weiner Cousins" are "Two men have had sex with the same woman/women," and "this is a bond that can never be broken."

6. Muffin Top

Sadly, many of us ladies know this phrase all too well. A Muffin Top is that roll of fat around your midsection that you get when your pants are too tight. You know, like when you put too much batter in a cupcake paper, and the excess spills out over the top. Sigh.

7. Screwvenir

This word rhymes with "souvenir," and it means to steal a small keepsake from the home of a sexual conquest. So next time you wake up after a one-night stand (not that you would ever do that, gentle reader), if you can't find your copy of Reader's Digest, your favorite CD, or perhaps your undies, you can assume that your fling took home a screwvenir.

8. Screw The Pooch

This is one of my personal favorites; it means to mess things up royally, usually in a work scenario.

9. Tired High

We've all been there. You're so tired that you feel like you're on drugs; you might even hallucinate. See also: Studying for final exams.

10. Tooth Sweater

That furry feeling your teeth get when you forget to brush your teeth. Ew.

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