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Best of the Best

We comb through the funny on the Web, from the funniest viral videos to the craziest articles in The Onion to the most hilarious xkcd comic strip, and bring you the Best of the Best.

10 Hilarious Fashion Photoshop Fails
These famous fashion brands are guilty of hilariously bad Photoshop.

The 10 Most Popular YouTube Humor Clips Of All Time, Part 1
Check out the 10 most-watched comedy clips ever uploaded to YouTube.

Best Paula Deen Memes
The internet loves to mock celebrity chef Paula Deen!

The 25 Best Articles from The Onion
A selection of the best articles from satirical online newspaper The Onion.

The Top 20 Viral Videos of All Time
There are billions of videos on the iInternet, so it's rare when onea video breaks through the clutter to become "viral.” Here are the Top 20 viral videos of all tim

The 8 Funniest Online Communities
With the advent of Web 2.0, it's become easier for people to connect online, be it on a message board, in the comments section of a blog or within the site itself. And one thing a lot of people seem to connect over is a sense of humor. Here are the eight funniest online communities.

The 20 Best Comedy Podcasts
A summary of the funniest podcasts, free and ready for download.

The 11 Funniest Web Series
Our rundown of the 11 funniest web series on the internet today.

The 10 Snarkiest Blogs
A list of the internet's most unrelentingly snarky blogs.

The 25 Funniest T-Shirts
25 shirts that are hilarious (and probably won't get you laid)!

The 25 Top Viral Video Celebrities
Everybody always says how amazing Andy Warhol's 15-minutes-of-fame prophecy was. Poppycock! Here's 25 people whose antics wriggled their way into the public consciousness and, for better or for worse, became famous for like, at least an hour.

The 10 Best Wedding Dance Videos
These 10 videos show how when it comes to levity at a wedding, the best approach is to just dance!

20 Funny, Bizarre, and Awesome Retro Movie Posters
Movie posters are your local cineplex might suck. These don't.

Humor Ezines
The funniest online humor publications.

Check out the year's funniest web videos to date.
Ten of the best web videos to go viral in 2012

Top 5 Funny Sites To Read Every Day
Five funny sites that will get your day off to an hilarious start!

Steve Martin: Social Media King
Steve Martin seems to be good at everything, including establishing a devoted social media following.

College Humor
College Humor is a lot of things -- original videos and articles, a collection of outside videos and links and lots and lots of pictures -- all of them funny.

20 Top Memes of 2010
Internet memes have come a long way since the days of All Your Base. With Twitter and Tumblr , social link-sharing sites like reddit and digg , and an ever-growing 4chan serving as kindling, memes can spread quickly and fiercely from the local news to YouTube to /b/ to your Facebook wall. If it's all too much for you to keep up with –...

The 99 Things You Should Have Seen Already
Greg Ruttner has curated a list of the 99 funniest and best "things" on the internet, including some of the funniest viral videos and websites you'll ever see.

The 20 Funniest Signs at the Rally To Restore Sanity
The 20 funniest signs at the Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear, hosted by Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert, on October 30th, 2010 in Washington, DC.

Humor Ezines
The funniest online humor publications.

College Humor
College Humor is a lot of things -- original videos and articles, a collection of outside videos and links and lots and lots of pictures -- all of them funny.

8 Hilarious Christmas Raps
There's a Christmas version of everything. A Charlie Brown Christmas, Christmas dairy drinks, Christmas mass, Christmas candy, Christmas lights, Christmas News Hour with Jim Lehrer. So of course, rap is no exception. But the juxtaposition of the warm, family cuddliness of the Christmas season and the "freshness" of rap (to borrow some early...

The 99 Things You Should Have Seen Already
Greg Ruttner has curated a list of the 99 funniest and best "things" on the internet, including some of the funniest viral videos and websites you'll ever see.

The 25 Best College Humor Videos
The 25 best original videos from collegehumor.com.

The 12 Best Next Media Animation Videos
Have trouble keeping up with "the news"? Can't stand the shouters on cable, the fear frenzy of your local newscast, or all the tedious reading required by newspapers? Rather just watch silly videos on YouTube? Well wake up, buddy, the news is now fully available in silly YouTube video format, thanks to the geniuses at Taiwan-based Next...

The 20 Funniest Webcomics
In the same way you can read a newspaper on the Web, you can also read comic strips right on your computer. And while many of your favorite daily newspaper strips also appear on the Internet, we've dug up 20 truly funny webcomics available exclusively online.

The Funniest Single Topic Blogs
Some websites bloom with the amount of varied content, such as YouTube or College Humor . But some sites really find their humor and voices in the very dedicated, very focused topics they take on. Here's a collection of the best single topic funny blogs.

The 20 Funniest Celebrities on Twitter
These guys and gals consistently provide the funny on Twitter.

3 Reasons To Laugh With Macklemore And Ryan Lewis
How two independent musicians brought humor back to hip hop.

The 15 Funniest Harry Potter "Yo Mama" Jokes
Over the last decade-plus, J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter series has captured the attention of countless millions with its fantastical, magical characters and settings. But there's one thing that makes these books (and their accompanying films) a little hard to swallow: where's the "Yo Mama" jokes? Are we supposed to believe that nobody at...

30 of the Greatest Fail Videos
A list featuring 30 of the best nutshots, faceplants, spills and screw-ups.

Site Profile: The Superficial
If you like your celebrity gossip with a healthy dose of snark, The Superficial is the site for you.

Bill Murray: Effortless Internet Icon
How the famous funny man became a web superstar without even trying

10 Hilarious TV News Bloopers
10 Most Popular Funny News Bloopers on YouTube

5 Of The Greatest Reddit AMAs
What happens when you allow Reddit users to "Ask Me Anything?"

Nicolas Cage Wins The Internet
You don't say?

Memes Hit Primetime
Don't look now, but internet culture is spilling into traditional media

10 Funniest Bad Lip Readings
Read my lips: This is funny stuff!

10 Best Memes of 2012, Part 1
From Grumpy Cat to McKayla Maroney, check out 10 of 2012's best new memes.

10 Best Memes of 2012, Part 2
10 Best Memes of 2012, Part 2

15 Funny Definitions On Urban Dictionary
In the evolution of internet slang, sometimes things go awry.

4 Of The Funniest 4chan Pranks
Check out four of the funniest pranks ever pulled off by 4chan trolls and pranksters.

Spring 2013 Meme Round-Up
A collection of the funniest newest memes to hit the web in Spring 2013.

Best Sloth Memes
A few examples of funny sloth memes.

Funniest of the "In The Way Guy" Meme
This photobombing stranger inspired the funniest new meme of summer 2013.

5 Funny Pinterest Boards To Follow
Add some humor to your Pinterest feed with these five funny boards.

The Best Photobombs From The 2013 Emmy Awards
The Best Photobombs From The 2013 Emmy Awards

Gallery of Horrible Tattoos
A visual tour of some of the world's most regrettable tattoos.

5 Funny & Cute Animal Videos That Will Brighten Your Day
cute animals, funny animals, animal videos, youtube animals, funny horse, horse nibbling, funny donkeys, funny dog, puppy, kitten, cat, funny, memes, viral video, raccoon stealing cat food,

The Most Epic Celebrity Selfies Of All Time

5 Stars Who Were Discovered By The Internet
These five superstars all have the Internet to thank for their fame.

The 10 Funniest Parody Videos of 2013
Hit songs, hit shows, celebrities... no one was safe from spoofing in 2013!

Top 20 Photoshop Disasters of 2013
Missing limbs, sloppy graphics, and outrageous proportions -- what a year!

The Top 20 Best New Memes of 2013
Which new memes made us laugh the most in 2013? Find out here!

The Top 10 Most Popular Videos on YouTube In 2013
A fun run-down of the ten most-watched videos of 2013 on YouTube. All your favorites are here, from Ylvis to Epic Rap Battles of History.

The Funniest Vines of 2013
Think no one can make you laugh in just six seconds? Think again. These are the funniest Vines of 2013!

Funniest Valentine's Day Humor
Celebrate Valentine's (or Singleness Awareness) Day with humor.

The Best Photobombs of 2013
From celebrities to "In The Way Guy," 2013 was a great year for Photobombs!

The Most Hilarious Hashtags of 2013
A review of the most #hilarious hashtag campaigns of 2013.

Top 10 Web Humor Articles of 2013
Find out which articles hit the mark on About Web Humor this year.

Site Profile: Ned Hardy

Site Profile: Smosh

Funniest, Most Awkward Selfies Ever

Jimmy Kimmel Makes Movie Adaptations From Web Memes

5 Brands That Need To Step Away From The Photoshop

It's Time To Fall In Love With "Weird Al" Yankovic All Over Again
With the release of his newest album, the king of parodies reminds us that he still totally rocks.

The Funniest Tripp and Tylor Sketches

6 Royal Photobombs That Totally Rule
Everybody is photobombing these days, even the Queen of England!

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