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Baseball Humor

Baseball jokes and, of course, Who's on First?"
Worthless Baseball Card Collection and Their Untrue Fun Facts - Sports Humor - Memorabilia
Adding snarky comments to photos of obscure baseball cards provides the sports humor available in this gallery.
"Who's on First?"
Bud Abbott and Lou Costello's beloved exchange via audio and text.
Baseball Almanac Humor Menu
Dozens of David Letterman Top 10s and other assorted ballpark jokes power this grab bag, also including "Why Baseball Is Better Than Sex" and George Carlin on baseball and football.
Jokes and humor include one-liners, anecdotes, quotes, top 10s, and John Rocker gags.
"The First Baseball Game"
Holy cow! Harry Carey's play-by-play of that contest between the Bethlehem Braves and the Jerusalem Giants is heard in this animated Flash Web cartoon version. Actually, comedian Dan St. Paul tells the tale on radio's "The Bob and Tom Show," presented on his site. (That's Bob and Tom giggling in the background.)
Heckle Depot
More than a thousand baseball putdowns and comebacks for umpires, batters, pitchers, fielders, and the bullpen. In addition to one-liners and true stories, enjoy a few heckles devoted to other sports.
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