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Animated Web Cartoons (Webtoons)

Animated Web Cartoons draws you into comedy animation made specifically for computers, like ''JoeFish,'' ''Queer Duck,'' ''Lemmings,'' and ''Lil' Pimp.''
Seth MacFarlane's Cavalcade of Cartoon Comedy
The Family Guy guy is producing 50 humorous animations for Web viewers. Watch the Seth MacFarlane Cavalcade of Cartoon Comedy now.
Pib & Pog
From Aardman Animation comes a new series for adults about kiddie entertainers.
It's JerryTime!
It's JerryTime!
The Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle and Friends - New Rocky and Bullwinkle Web Cartoons
Frostbite Falls' favorite fools, Rocky and Bullwinkle and friends, return to the screen in special cartoon spoofs, including ''Desperate Moosewives'' and ''Queer Eye for the Moose Guy.''
Making Fiends
Making Fiends
Soupy George - Animated Music Video - 7 Seconds of Love - Joel Veitch
Who's the man with the soup on his head? The answer to that question and a catchy tune by 7 Seconds of Love are featured in the ''Soupy George'' animated music video.
Big Box Mart - JibJab Webtoon Music Video Spoof - Oh Susannah Song Parody - Big Box Mart Cartoon
The JibJab animation team spoofs gigantic retail stores in ''Big Box Mart,'' an animated Webtoon music video with parody lyrics to ''Oh Susannah.''
Licensed to Pill - Webtoon Spoof Music Video - Licensed to Pill Drug Parody
"Licensed to Pill" spoofs the pharmaceutical industry in an animated Webtoon. Billy Joel's ''We Didn't Start the Fire'' becomes ''We Couldn't Get Much Higher.''
Wacky Web Cartoons
UPDATED: "Googly and Spiffy," "Thugs on Film," "Like, News," "Live and Let Dive" ("Lemmings"), "Hard Drinkin' Lincoln," "The Elvis and Jack Nicklaus Mysteries" and "Joe Paradise."
Wacky Web Cartoons 2
UPDATED: "Internet Killed the Video Star," "The God and Devil Show," "Undercover Brother," "Admission: Impossible 2," "Hoola Boy," "This Modern World" and "Hidden Celebrity Webcam."
Wacky Web Cartoons 3
That's NOT All, Folks! More online animation shows: "Marvin the Martian 3-D," "Poker Night," "Clear," "Sister Randy," and "Lil' Pimp." UPDATED.
Wacky Web Cartoons 4
UPDATED: "Queer Duck," "JoeFish," "Meet the Millers," and "Creamburg."
Wacky Web Cartoons 5
UPDATED: "The Adventures of Jesus and His Brothers," "Mr. Wong," Bill Plympton's "Plymptonia," "Senior House," "Starship Regulars," "The Jack 'n' Jim Project" and "Fatty Big Eye."
"Angry Kid"
From Aardman Animations, the Brit brat's mischievous misadventures now appear in more than 50 short comedy movies. Although made for BBC television, the "Angry Kid" cartoons have enjoyed big success on the Internet.
"Belching Bug Show, The"
A chorus of cartoon bugs burp songs or you can make your own music. It's a Webtoon and a toy.
"Critic, The"
An animated sitcom in the tradition of ''The Simpsons,'' comes to the Web in a series of short cartoons voiced by Jon Lovitz.
'Drugs I Need, The'
"The Drugs I Need" is an animated cartoon produced by Consumers Union, a drug safety advocacy group. The satirical song written and performed by the Austin Lounge Lizards makes good material for a funny music video.
'Fat Dynamite' - Napoleon Dynamite Meets Fat Albert
Mixing footage from Bill Cosby's "Fat Albert" cartoons with the soundtrack from "Napoleon Dynamite" makes for a sweet -- and weird -- Webtoon.
George W Bush and John Kerry Duet - "This Land!" Song Parody
Presidential candidates George W. Bush and John Kerry enter a singing duel with special name-calling lyrics for "This Land" by Woody Guthrie in a zany animated Webtoon music video.
High Impact Workout
Feel the pain in this Webtoon exercise from Boneland.
JibJab's George W. Bush Music Video Parody: "Second Term"
It's good to be in D.C., so President George W. Bush celebrates his second term in this animated political cartoon spoof.
"MJ's Favorite Things"
Michael Jackson sings about a few of his favorite things in this animated Web cartoon parody of the famous song from ''The Sound of Music.''
Christmas Humor (12/22/02)
Post-It Theatre
Nibble the scribbles of these tiny comedy movies drawn on pads of yellow sticky notes.
"Stone Trek"
An animated Web cartoon series "where no caveman has gone before." The Flintstones meet classic "Star Trek" characters in these spoofs.
Tim Burton's "Stainboy"
An odd series about a superhero who leaves large stains. (Hmmm, I guess that makes me a superhero.)
"Whole Lotta Love"
Animator T-Bone's charmingly seductive Webtoon. (I'm being sarcastic.)
X-Flies, The
The guano is out there in these short spoofs of "The X-Files."
Adventures of Edward the Less, The
Loosely spoofing J.R.R. Tolkien's Middle-Earth books, "The Hobbit" and "Lord of the Rings," the creative team of "Mystery Science Theatre 3000" presents 13 five-minute episodes for SciFi.com.
Cartoon Network Theater
Complete Warner Bros. and MGM theatrical cartoon shorts -- the good ones -- plus some unusual clips from television cartoons. RealPlayer, QuickTime, all speeds.
Cell Phone Theater
Stunningly detailed "Jaws," "You've Got Mail," "Indiana Jones," "Karate Kid," and "Rear Window" in prestigious letterboxed format. The movies are "small (and short) because they were originally developed for display on Web-enabled cell phones," says dack.com. "This kind of action and drama should not be restricted to the 'gadgeterati.' Now everyone can enjoy stick figure head removal!"
Flaming Bag of Poo!
Some young punk sneaks to your door, setting fire to an oozing paper bag of poo. There's only one thing to do: Stomp it! A silly, gooey animated Webtoon from Mondo Mini Shows.
"The First Baseball Game"
Holy cow! Harry Carey's play-by-play of that contest between the Bethlehem Braves and the Jerusalem Giants is heard in this animated Flash Web cartoon version. Actually, comedian Dan St. Paul tells the tale on radio's "The Bob and Tom Show," presented on his site. (That's Bob and Tom giggling in the background.)
Happy Tree Friends
Mondo Mini Shows: "The cutest, most cuddly cartoon characters around ... their adventures in delightful mayhem. ... You'll laugh so hard you'll break your funnybone!" Itchy and Scratchy-style extreme violence in an animated Webtoon series with titles like "Spin Fun Knowing Ya" and "You're Bakin' Me Crazy." Weekly episodes and an "Episode Sampler," plus "Fun Stuff" for Smoochies stress relief toys.
Looney Tunes
The Official Warner Bros. site presents new animated Webtoons on a regular basis starring their classic characters. It's not exactly the golden age, but these shorts are fun. Games and related materials are also offered.
Oops, I Farted Again!
Hey, kids, it's a gasser! This animated cartoon from PoopyJoe is tacky in the depiction of Britney Spears, but in certain circles it must be considered cogent satire -- or a commercial for Beano. Need Flash?
Muffin Films
A dozen muffin movies! These tasty Flash Webtoons, created by Amy Winfrey for her UCLA Animation Workshop thesis, are cuddly and definitely snackable. Enjoy the bite-size goodness, including "The Muffin Tree," "Feed Me" and "UFM" (Unidentified Flying Muffins).
"The Steven Seagal Show"
"From the dead on mannerisms to the mind-numbingly violent martial arts," this series, by The Toilet Online via AtomFilms, takes on the insufferable hulk. "Steven Seagal likes to stay active to keep in shape. Whether it's his daily but leisurely walk downtown or the cathartic realignment of someone's spinal column, everything is just one big Zen exercise." For mature audiences only. Yeah, sure.
'Spice Guys Wannabe Your Gov, The'
Arnold Schwarzenegger and Gary Coleman duet in this animated music video spoof from Madblast.
'Wallace & Gromit's Cracking Contraptions'
The wonderful, Academy Award-winning Plasticene man and dog return in 10 short cartoons, one of which, "Soccamatic," is available for online viewing. The series, from Nick Park's Aardman Animations, pits the pair against Wallace's goofy inventions.
Web Premiere Toons
CartoonNetwork.com's pilots for original series geared to kids. The weekly installments include interactive elements. Shockwave needed, download results can be sluggish.
"White Trash Christmas"
Wacky -- and tacky -- animated music video of the Bob Rivers' song parody. The cartoon is viewable from the animation studio, Tuned In, or this mirror location. "Ladies and gentlemen, one of The Three Wise Men on harmonica...."
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