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Build Your Wild Self


Build Your Wild Self, like Mike, you animal.

Build Your Wild Self, like Mike, you animal.

Image created via Wildlife Conservation Society.
The Wildlife Conservation Society, on behalf of New York Zoos and Aquarium, has devised an evolutionary time killer. "First, design your human self. Then, choose your favorite animal parts and go wild."

Pick from boyly / girly body types, hair, eyes, mouth, and clothes, enhanced with critter head gear, ears, face, arms, backsides, bottoms, and tails. Save the new you to your computer desktop and forward to friends.

That's me to the right, if I were eight, had a crocodile tail, and a KISS tongue. You know, much the same as I am now, except for the gray at the temples and the hush money from Gene Simmons. He's a proud man.

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