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Almost Naked Animals

Underpants Gone Wild!


The panda from the Almost Naked Animals collection of critters in their underpants.

The panda from the Almost Naked Animals collection of critters in their underpants.

Noah Z. Jones
Thank you for being discreet. We speak to a remarkable wildlife pictorial gallery which shows an ewe and a bee and various modest critters in his or her underpants. How refreshing in this modern world preoccupied with skin, skin, skin, pelt, pelt, pelt to see more of less.

Among the nigh nudie models "wearing all sorts of DIFFERENT underpants," eye a piggy, a trout, a walrus, a bunny, an octopus, a cow, a kitty, a giraffe, a monkey, a squirrel, a platypus, a sloth, and Howie.

Better yet, Almost Naked Animals is highly educational. Each nearly nude prude shares personal Likes and Dislikes. Did you know the koala likes car rides, staying up late, and whispering? (Me, too!) The same bashful bare bear dislikes empty rooms, burnt toast, and auctioneers. (Me, too!)

I've seen lots of voyeuristic sites tacked up and tangled in the Net, but this one is well hung.

If you're an animal of distinction and skivvied, the tasteful collection of essentially exposed fauna by Noah Z. Jones will grow to examine more groups, so please apply and represent. For example, the fly is open, and they'd like to cover an ass.

Peep: Almost Naked Animals

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