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Hot or Not? -- Ranking Polls and Spoofs

It's humor and humiliation. The "Hot or Not?" poll asks anonymous Web surfers to rate vanity photos on a scale of one-to-10, as do the spin-offs and parodies. Adult content is a possibility.
Am I Hot or Not?
The original rate-a-picture site, which opened the doors to chicks and chumps -- and chimps.
Am I Annoying?
Send a message to celebrities by casting your votes, yay or nay for their irritability factors. Browse through lists of the least and most annoying celebrities, plus special annoying collections. Take quizzes to find out if you're annoying. Or simply read my typing: You are annoying.
Am I Fat or Not?
Your Guide is feeling a tad self-conscious. Help set his fears aside. Oh, can you stop by Wendy's and bring him a Frosty on your way to vote?
Monkey Hot or Not?
An early takeoff, from "Modern Humorist," lets you score chimps that primp.
Am I Geek or Not?
A show of hands: Who actually needs to see these people before scoring them?
Am I President or Not?
"The Brunching Shuttlecocks" designed this electronic voting process to demonstrate how the problematic balloting in the 2000 U.S. presidential election could have overcome dumb people.
Rate My Kitten
Kitties galore for you to score -- and don't miss the "Gallery" for a snapshot collection of cute poses.

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