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"American Idol" Humor

Satire, parody, spoofs, and jokes about TV's "American Idol," plus Simon Cowell insults and William Hung tributes.
"American Idol" Official Site
Fox TV gives the background scoop, photos, and video clips from "American Idol" to prepare you for the parodies and jokes.
William Hung: A Real American Idol
Lovable "She Bang" singer gonged by Hung jury.
"Iraqi Idol" on Al-Jazeera
"American Idol" invades Baghdad.
"Internet Idol William Hung"
Madblast presents an animated version of contestant William Hung singing "She Bang" on "American Idol," but this time you control his dance moves. Choose The Still Will, The Hung Chop, The William Wave, and The Swivel Engineer.
William Hung Ringtones
The "American Idol" favorite sings from your phone when you receive a call. Perfect for wrong numbers! Listen to William Hung's ringtone samples online, although you'll have to buy the recordings for actual installation. We can dream, though, can't we?
William Hung: The Mixtapes
Hear original .MP3 music interspersing sound bites from "American Idol," created by Mr. Bim.
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