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Humor: Today's Sounds - January, 2005

Here's the archive for the funny .WAV and other audio bites we featured as Humor: Today's Sounds in January, 2005. (Sources may delete multimedia items without notice.)
Cleavon Little: "Blazing Saddles"
"Excuse me, while I whip this out. (screams)" -- One of the all-time great quotes and others from Mel Brooks' western spoof at Funwavs. (01/04/05)
Val Kilmer as Batman
"The Batsignal is not a beeper." -- Various sound bites from the Batman movies at Funwavs. (01/18/05)
Amy Sedaris Audio
Sound bites with the comic performer can be heard at The Comfort Zone, including her recent appearance with David Letterman. (01/20/05)
Another "Napoleon Dynamite" Sound Board
From Conversations With Myself. (01/21/05)
Johnny Carson and Jack Webb: "Dragnet" Spoof
One of Carson's most famous sketches concerned The Copper Clappers Caper. Hear it at Leslie's Just 4 Fun .WAVs, along with a full page of miscellaneous sound bites. (01/24/05)
Dana Carvey as Johnny Carson: "Saturday Night Live"
"That, that is some weird, wild stuff...." Tons of sound bites at DanaCarvey.net. (01/25/05)
Johnny Carson: "Laugh-In"
"This is the dirtiest show I have ever been on in all of my life!" -- Miscellaneous sound bites from the classic comedy variety show at The Daily .WAV. (01/26/05)
Martin Lawrence: "Bad Boys"
"You know, you drive almost slow enough to drive Miss Daisy." More sound bites with Will Smith from the action comedy at Funwavs. (01/28/05)
Michael Keaton: "Beetlejuice"
"Ooo la la! What do we got here?" -- Sound bites from Tim Burton's comedy at Funwavs. (01/19/05)
Adam Sandler: "Billy Madison"
"NO, I will not make out with you." -- Sound bites from the comedy movie are available at Funwavs. (01/14/05)
Kevin Costner: "Bull Durham"
''How come in former lifetimes, everybody's somebody famous?'' -- Sound bites from the classic baseball comedy at Funwavs. (01/03/05)
The Ralph Wiggum Soundboard
Bubble Bath Girl presents numerous sound clips from my role model on "The Simpsons." (01/05/05)
Kathleen Freeman: "Artists and Models"
"Remember, any more noise and you're going to be using the curb for a pillow." -- A page of miscellaneous sound bites, including this one from the Martin and Lewis comedy, are to be found at The Daily .WAV. Some adult content. (01/06/05)
The Singing Dogs: "Jingle Bells"
You know, I've been upset during the past few Christmas seasons because I didn't hear this 1956 classic on the radio. Must be another heinous politically incorrect movement or something. Anyway, I've tracked down the classic cut in .MP3 format at Digital Audio Systems (scroll down). It's on a page of miscellaneous sounds, including the "Barney" theme song. (01/07/05)
Frank Morgan: "The Wizard of Oz"
"Well, bust my buttons!" -- Numerous .WAV sound bites from the great film, including this one said by the doorman, at No Place Like Oz. (01/10/05)
Yakko: "Animaniacs"
"Whaddya doin'? Torturin' a clown?" -- At last, a big page of Wakko .WAV sounds, from Wakko-holics Annonymous. (01/12/05)
Stephen Dorff: "Blade"
"When was the last time you stopped to appreciate a good sunrise? Oh, that's right. You were born a vampire, so you never had the pleasure, have you?" -- Sound bites from the Wesley Snipes action film at Funwavs. Adult content. (01/13/05)
"Seinfeld's" Kramer Soundboard
"Oh, I'm looking right at you, Big Daddy!" -- Numerous "Seinfeld" sound bites with Michael Richards at your fingertips. Hear them at GOYK. (01/31/05)
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