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Web Humor - By Category

Funny Websites
Profiles on the funniest, laugh inducing comedy Websites on the Internet, from breakdowns of fake news sites like The Onion and Fark to viral video and sketch comedy sites like College Humor.

Viral Videos
From Chocolate Rain and Evolution of Dance to the Afro Ninja and Lazy Sunday, we've gathered the funniest, craziest and most popular viral videos and video content from all over the Internet all into one place for your viewing pleasure.

Best of the Best
We comb through the funny on the Web, from the funniest viral videos to the craziest articles in The Onion to the most hilarious xkcd comic strip, and bring you the Best of the Best.

Web Comics
From xkcd to the Perry Bible Fellowship to Dr. McNinja to Penny Arcade, we pull together the funniest and best comic strips and cartoons being served up on the Web.

Stupid But Funny
From a stupid headline on Fark to a rejected cartoon from The New Yorker to a ridiculous video on Funny Or Die, this is where stuff so stupid it's funny ends up.

Blogs, Tweets & Emails
This is where the stuff passed around on the web goes, from a funny story posted on Dane Cook's Myspace page and a pithy joke on Louis CK's twitter to a funny meme burning up Tumblr and Facebook pages to the latest in funny email forwards to a simply hilarious Photoshop thread on the Something Awful message boards.

Holiday Humor
All your holiday comedy favorites, like funny Christmas songs and silly Easter Bunny jokes, served up just in time for whatever holiday's coming up.

Smart Stuff
The latest in highbrow humor, from McSweeney's hilarious lists to to The Sound of Young America to online content from "The New York Times'" The Funny Pages and "The New Yorker's" Shouts and Murmurs section to video clips of the stand-up comedy of Steven Wright and Demetri Martin.

For Kids
From the latest video from the Smosh guys to the funniest jokes on Yahoo Kids, this is where you can find humor on the Web that's just right for kids.

Animal Memes
Animals are nature's comedians! Enjoy the best of the internet's animal memes and videos here.

The best of the images, videos, and characters that are trending right now!


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