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The Anagram Genius Server - Wordplay - Web Humor - About.com
The Anagram Genius Server is automatic wordplay fun -- rearrange letters to form new words instantly.
Word Play - Definition and Examples in English
Word Play is the manipulation of language (in particular, the sounds and meanings of words) with the intent to amuse; verbal wit.
Jokes & Word Play From the Lighter Side of English
Grammar Crackers: Jokes, Riddles, and Word Play. A Visit to the Lighter Side of the English Language. By Richard Nordquist · Grammar & Composition Expert.
French Word Play - Jeux de mots
French is a beautiful language, and it lends itself well to all kinds of word play like puns and tongue twisters. If you're tired of studying grammar, try your hand at ...
logology - definition and examples of logology, word play, and ...
(1) The practice and study of word play: that is, the manipulation of meanings, arrangements, sounds, spellings, and other aspects of words and letters. This use ...
verbal play - definition and examples of verbal play in English
Understanding African American Rhetoric, ed. by R. L. Jackson and E. B. Richardson. Routledge, 2003). Also Known As: word play, speech play, verbal art  ...
The Siege Of Belgrade - An Alliteration Poem - Word Play
Many versions of this alliterative poem appeared in American and British magazines throughout the 19th century. This version of "The Siege of Belgrade" was ...
Tom Swifty: Definition and Examples (Word Play)
A Tom Swifty is a type of word play in which there is a punning relationship between an adverb and the statement it refers to.
Antanaclasis - Definition and Examples - Grammar & Composition
Serious Word Play "The modern sensibility prefers the mechanics of a rhetorical effect to be hidden from view; anything which smacks of contrivance or artifice, ...
Store Name Puns - 187 Punny Shop Names - Grammar & Composition
We simply call them puns. And whether or not you're a fan of word play, puns are inescapable. Join us as we stroll down the main streets and high streets of the ...
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