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The Anagram Genius Server - Wordplay - Web Humor - About.com
The Anagram Genius Server is automatic wordplay fun -- rearrange letters to form new words instantly.
Word Play - Definition and Examples in English
"Wordplay was a game the Elizabethans played seriously. Shakespeare's first audience would have found a noble climax in the conclusion of Mark Antony's ...
French Word Play - Jeux de mots - French Language - About.com
French is a beautiful language, and it lends itself well to all kinds of word play like puns and tongue twisters. If you're tired of studying grammar, try your hand at ...
wordplay - What is wordplay - Linux - About.com
Define wordplay - from the Linux / Unix / Computing glossary at About.com.
Wordplay - Documentary Featuring Will Shortz, Puzzle Editor - Puzzles
In Wordplay, director Patrick Creadon presents an entertaining and informative look at New York Times Puzzle Edit Will Shortz's work and the puzzle ...
Pun - Definition and Examples of Puns in English
A pun is a play on words, sometimes on different senses of the same word and sometimes on the similar sense or sound of different words.
Jokes & Word Play From the Lighter Side of English
Gather the kids and suspend your long-preserved maturity: we're about to visit the lighter side of language. Enjoy this new collection of jokes, puns, and riddles.
Logology - Grammar & Composition - About.com
Here you'll find definitions, examples, and explanations of logology in English.
Devil's Italian Dictionary - Italian Language - About.com
Alternative Italian Dictionary: For every word in the Italian dictionary there is the potential for wordplay, whether it be a palindrome, spoonerism, pangram, ...
asteismus - definition and examples in rhetoric
"The intentional misinterpretation of a form of words is a kind of wordplay that rhetoricians used to call 'asteismus.' A good example can be found in act 2, scene ...
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