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True Tombstone Epitaphs - Funny Graveyard Quotations - Web Humor
Graveyard Quotations "Funny Stones to Tickle Your Funny Bones" are resurrected in a collection of "humorous and bizarre" epitaphs, collected by June Shaputis ...
Tombstone Generator - Chisel Your Epitaph - Web Humor - About.com
Chisel Your Epitaph Fun with funerals, thanks to the online time killer tool by J. J. Chandler. It's unlimited amusement -- well, until time runs out. Here are several ...
Epitaph - Definition, Examples & Essays - Grammar and Composition
"The principle intention of epitaphs is to perpetuate the examples of virtue, that the tomb of a good man may supply the want of his presence, and veneration for  ...
Funny & Famous Epitaphs - Interesting Tombstone Epitaphs from ...
Sometimes humor can be found where you least expect it - such as in the cemetery. These epitaphs include humor, the famous, the curious and the just plain ...
Graveyard Tour: Epitaphs in German
Epitaphs related to our German Halloween graveyard tour project.
Graveyard Tour: Epitaphs 2 - German Language - About.com
Epitaphs related to our German Halloween graveyard tour project - Part 2.
Funny Epitaphs for Your Tombstone Crafts - Family Crafts - About.com
Whether you make cardboard tombstones, wooden tombstones, or styrofoam tombstones, you will surely want to include a creative and funny epitaph.
Epitaphs - Anne Bradstreet (1612-1672)
Read "Epitaphs," by Anne Bradstreet.: worthy matron friendly neighbor anne bradstreet obedient wife prizer.
On Epitaphs, by E.V. Lucas - Classic British Essays
"There is no indication that any of these dead ever enjoyed a moment," observes E.V. Lucas in his essay "On Epitaphs."
“Nothing Can Be Done, But Something Can Be Said” - Epitaphs for ...
Jan 8, 2012 ... An essay by literary historian Edward Moran on the echoes and connections between the poems and the epitaphs of Hyam Plutzik and three ...
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