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True Tombstone Epitaphs - Funny Graveyard Quotations - Web Humor
Graveyard Quotations "Funny Stones to Tickle Your Funny Bones" are resurrected in a collection of "humorous and bizarre" epitaphs, collected by June Shaputis ...
Tombstone Generator - Chisel Your Epitaph - Web Humor - About.com
Chisel Your Epitaph Fun with funerals, thanks to the online time killer tool by J. J. Chandler. It's unlimited amusement -- well, until time runs out. Here are several ...
Epitaph - Definition, Examples & Essays - Grammar & Composition
"The principle intention of epitaphs is to perpetuate the examples of virtue, that the tomb of a good man may supply the want of his presence, and veneration for  ...
Graveyard Tour: Epitaphs in German - German Language - About.com
Epitaphs related to our German Halloween graveyard tour project.
Funny & Famous Epitaphs - Interesting Tombstone Epitaphs from ...
Sometimes humor can be found where you least expect it - such as in the cemetery. These epitaphs include humor, the famous, the curious and the just plain ...
Graveyard Tour: Epitaphs 2 - German Language - About.com
Epitaphs related to our German Halloween graveyard tour project - Part 2.
Funny Epitaphs for Your Tombstone Crafts - Family Crafts - About.com
Whether you make cardboard tombstones, wooden tombstones, or styrofoam tombstones, you will surely want to include a creative and funny epitaph.
Epitaphs - Anne Bradstreet (1612-1672)
Read "Epitaphs," by Anne Bradstreet.: worthy matron friendly neighbor anne bradstreet obedient wife prizer.
On Epitaphs, by E.V. Lucas - Classic British Essays
"There is no indication that any of these dead ever enjoyed a moment," observes E.V. Lucas in his essay "On Epitaphs."
On the Selection of Epitaphs, by Archibald MacMechan - Classic ...
"On the Selection of Epitaphs" originally appeared in Archibald MacMechan's first collection of essays, The Porter of Bagdad, and Other Fantasies (1901).
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