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About Humor showcases another funny Web site daily and shares cool related links and surprises in this collection.

• Arts and Entertainment Humor:
Am I Right (Misheard Lyrics and Song Parodies)

• "The Lord of the Rings" Humor / Name Generators, Lists, and Databases:
Middle-Earth Multi-Name Generators

• Computer Humor / Food Humor / Humor How To's and Funny Tutorials:
How to Fry an Egg on an XP Computer

• Radio Comedy - Internet Stations:
TV Tunes Radio

• Funny Internet Games, Toys, and Time Killers:
Bobblehead Football Challenge

• Cartoons and Comic Strips:
Caricaturist Al Hirschfeld
, 1903-2003

• Cartoons and Comic Strips:
Cartoonist Bill Mauldin, 1921-2003

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