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A Jolie Time

Wednesday, April 3 :: 2:45 a.m.

I visited some other Weblogs and I discovered personality quizzes are very popular, so I decided to fill one out.

Which Angelina Are You?

Posted by permission

1) I assume when they say I am "a free-spirt," they mean "spirit." Yes, I am a free spirit, but I charge for spirts. I have to, union rules.

2) "... with a strong will ..."

Yes, I do have one of those. When I die, it will take a strong heir to accept I'm broke.

And my heir can't have the big tips I'm expecting at the funeral.

I'm also being buried with Groucho Nose Glasses.

3) As for "a strong sense of self," that's nothing an Air-Wick couldn't fix.

4) "You're a vagabond who can't stay in one place too long."

I drink a lot of spirits. Especially when they're free..

5) "You have issues with men ..."

That's categorically untrue! They're "Boy's Life." Can I help it if I'm still learning to tie knots?

6) "And you just might be gay."

Oh, I think it's fair to say I ain't very bubbly at the moment.

But, let's figure this message out. If I were truly Angelina Jolie, I would be a woman. And, if I were a gay woman, I would be attracted to women. So there, that works fine for me because I am attracted to women, which means, as a man, I am not gay.

Either way, I'm avoiding Billy Bob. ::

:: Current mood: not gay
:: Current music: "Judy Garland at Carnegie Hall"
:: Current mood: not gay

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