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Nasty Santa

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From Santa's Naughty List: Early, Crude JibJab Cartoons

A previous Funny Site selection, showcasing flatulent elves in "Silent (But Deadly) Night," is presented by Nasty Santa, although he doesn't appear. That musicale offers a whiff of what you'll unwrap here, a crass, unhappy demon on a rampage of vulgarity and violence. It's "Raging Bull" meets "Sleighve Driver."

This satanic Claus is one cold, heartless ogre who cares more about parading in his skivvies and the zestful deployment of his bodacious bodily functions than he does serving the world's adoring tots. To Nasty Santa, the spirit of Christmas is beer.

JibJab's Shockwave Webtoon series sends the demonstratively unjolly fat man into the arms of cannibals, a jailhouse sugar daddy, and a proctologist. Nevertheless, Nasty's sophomoric intolerance will make a lot of Christmas masses merry.

Nasty Santa animated Web cartoons, early gross Christmas videos by JibJab.
Nasty Santa: "Who's Your Papua?"

Nasty Santa: "Dr. Pecker: Proctologist"
Nasty Santa: "Miracle on 234th Street"

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