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Bob Rivers' Twisted Christmas Tunes

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A Funny Site of the Day with Mike Durrett

Bob Rivers and his carolers parody the season with dozens of tongue-in-cheek -- and occasionally cheeks 'n' tongues -- renditions of classic holiday tunes. Hear the audio of the gang's collection of musical greats, including "The Restroom Door Said 'Gentlemen,'" "We Wish You Weren't Living With Us," "All You Need Is Elves," "Buttcracker Suite," "Yellow Snow! Yellow Snow! Yellow Snow!" and "Walkin' Around in Women's Underwear."

Bob also presents Twisted Christmas Radio, an online station streaming the spoofs non-stop on demand. It's quite a deal when you realize these tunes are from novelty CDs which have sold millions of copies -- and are available for sale here, too.

For the uninitiated, Bob and his sidekicks, Spike and Joe, reign over the morning radio airwaves in Seattle. In addition to the Christmas favorites on "The Bob Rivers Show" site, find many sound bites from their program and non-holiday song parodies, too.

Go: Bob River's Twisted Christmas TunesBob River's Twisted Christmas Tunes (Find specific songs in the A-Z list.)
Twisted Christmas Radio
"The Bob Rivers Show"

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