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"Fatty Big Eye"

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A Funny Site of the Day with your Guide Mike Durrett

Odd animation vignettes ("Desert Fatty," "Fatty Snack," "Spring Break With Fatty Big Eye"), plus interactive time killers (Fatty's House of Beauty," "The Dress Fatty Game") with a sympathetic, crude, peculiar loner, from Bogbeast. And be forewarned, violence is lurking ("Fattypiece Theatre: A Cat Named Snuggles").

At this writing, the Fatty items must be downloaded to your computer for viewing, but both PC and MAC versions are available.

And don't be looking at his eye.

go humour"Fatty Big Eye"

To see the eye -- um, the fat -- um, the cartoons, you'll need Shockwave Flash. Free downloads here.

Comedy is in the mind of the beholder. Proceed at your own risk.

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