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Wacky 911 Calls

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  Wacky 911 Calls:
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Real Phone Calls to 911 Emergency Hotlines

Enjoy these .MP3 audio samples from the CDs based on Leland Gregory's "What's the Number for 911?" book series. Hear actual phone calls to emergency 911 lines across America, with urgent messages of silly catastrophes and stupid people, including Butterfly Man, Psycho-Deer, and a stud, shall we say, romancing his swimming pool.

If you need a multimedia plug-in to "answer the phone," follow these links.

Wacky 911 Calls - humourWacky 911

Note: On my last visit to this material, the sound bites were not accessible. A sampling of 911 transcripts are available here and another report of wacky 911 calls may be found in the Related Resources in the right column.

~ Mike Durrett


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