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September 1, 2000

Campaign Y2K

by Mike Durrett

Clinton Chronicles
Meanwhile, back at the White House, the solemn self-made politician from Arkansas assesses his Presidency....

"Oh, shoot, man. I...  have... destroyed this office," says William Jefferson Clinton. "But it's been fun!"

In this live-action series of short comedy videos, we see "Bill" during the final days of the administration, polishing off his legacy and looking forward lasciviously to his tax-funded 30-year retirement "par-ty!"

Writer-director-impressionist Chris Cox portrays a callous Commander in Chief from his farewell speech to acting lessons and a Hollywood audition to moving day. This Clinton is an overgrown frat boy, dodging rules and honor, as he deals with the annoyances of duty, that pesky Paula Jones, Hillary's panties, and his eye-rolling disdain for Al Gore.

From MediaTrip, with a smattering of explicit language, these wicked satires recall the best "Saturday Night Live" political sketches and devastating "Rush Limbaugh Show" parodies.

I had more success with RealPlayer viewing, but Windows Media Player accessibility is also available. If you need one, free downloads are available here.

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