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'Liberty Meadows' Uncensored Comic Strips

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"Liberty Meadows":
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Forbidden Cartoons

Even newspaper comics have outtakes. Frank Cho shares more than 100 rejections from his popular syndicated series set in an animal sanctuary.

On each page of exclusions presented at the artist's site, click the various preview images to reveal another strip in the dead file.

Some of these items contain adult content, fortunately featuring those scantily clad lovelies, the pretty-in-ink Brandy and Jen. Obviously, cartoonist Cho savors the female human form and I'd be hard pressed to find more alluring cartoon lasses than the ones inhabiting "Liberty Meadows."

-- Okay, I accept the challenge! I guess I could go research the 2001 model Aunt Fritzi Ritz again. It's a dangerous mission visiting her in the "Nancy" comics, because always lurking: nudes of Sluggo.

Liberty Meadows Uncensored Comic Strips- humour"Liberty Meadows" Uncensored Comic Strips | Daily "Liberty Meadows" Comic Strip Classics

~ Mike Durrett

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