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Dumb Criminal Acts

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Stupid Crime Reports

Akin to The Darwin Awards, given to doofusses removing themselves from the gene pool, this plumb dumb site recognizes the unintentionally hilarious acts of thieving lowlife buffoons. Their stupid stories are nicely categorized by topics (Banks, Cars, Convenience Stores, Drugs, Robberies, Kidnapping, etc.) and there is a Random Criminal Machine option to anecdotes like these:

  • "A man and his girlfriend were robbing a convenience store. While waiting for her boyfriend to finish getting the money, the woman noticed a contest entry form. Thinking it would be cool to win, she filled out the form, complete with her name, address, and phone number. A few hours later the police were at the couple's house to arrest them."
  • "A man went into a drug store and announced his intentions to commit robbery. He pulled a Hefty Bag over his face to conceal his identity. He did not, however, cut eyeholes in the mask and was tackled by a brave customer."

Dumb Criminal Acts - stupid crime reportsDumb Criminal Acts

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