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The Gates of Hell: An About.com Comedy Guides' Special with Mike Durrett

And now, in service to the public, let's turn our little Web site over to charity -- because, we care.

"How can your contribution make a difference?" ask Jim Denison of Dallas, Texas. "Simple. If just one person sends me $90,000,000,001, it's done. I'm 'Richer than Bill Gates.' Or if 90 people send me $1,000,000,000, I could probably come up with the other dollar and, hey, I'm 'Richer than Bill Gates.' I think you can see how this can work, even if it takes 90,000,000,001 people sending $1.00. 'I'm Richer Than Bill Gates.'

Good luck, Jim. God's speed. I gave at the office.

Go: Make Me Richer Than Bill GatesMake Me Richer Than Bill Gates

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