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The Swedish Chef Page

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A Funny Site of the Day with your Guide Mike Durrett

Bork! Bork! Bork! Get ready to cook up some tasty treats with more than a baker's dozen of "movie" clips served from classic episodes of "The Muppet Show." The famed gourmet shares his culinary secrets and silliness in piping hot entertainment for every appetite.

Also available at this nutty tribute site, pictures and sound files of the Chef in action. Then, there's the text translator, The World Famous ENCHEFENIZER, which allows you to turn your words into the Chef's language (like I've done with this paragraph). ...

"Elsu efeeeleble-a et thees nootty treeboote-a seete-a, peectoores und suoond feeles ooff zee Cheff in ecshun. Zeen, zeere-a's zee text trunsletur, Zee Vurld Femuoos INCHEFENIZER, vheech elloos yuoo tu toorn yuoor vurds intu zee Cheff's lungooege-a. Bork Bork Bork!"

I guess I should give my spellchecker the day off.

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The Swedish Chef is viewable via QuickTime files. Need a player?

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