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What's Your Pokéname?

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A Funny Site of the Day with your Guide Mike Durrett

Just call me Snakepuff. That's according to this handy online generator which traded my given name for my special Pokémon appellation.

I also received an update on my Pokémon profile. It seems I "live in the searing volcanoes of Brazil, and (my) diet consists mostly of rocks, twigs and industrial runoff." Yep, some things never change, except the Brazil part and I'm going to need more Tums.

Furthermore, my characteristics include: "You can breathe hot death. You have propellers. You can shoot broken glass. You can throw kippers. You can breathe iron filings. You have a fear of poison. You have a covered wicker basket. You can throw ice bolts. You can puke acid."

Huh? I can puke acid? Well, don't tell my mother. She already made me stop.

I was having fun with this device at Doberman Pizza, so I plugged in my wife's name. Her Pokéname is Chubar and here's what the generator has to say to her: "You have a sequined jumpsuit. You have a fear of rocks. You can walk on Dr. Pepper. You can resist lightning bolts. You can shoot slime. You can shoot bricks. You can breathe electricity. You can puke acid."

Ahh, we're made for each other. Tums, M'lady?

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