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Romance 101 Humor

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A Funny Site of the Day with your Guide Mike Durrett

It looks like Cupid's slinging pointy barbs instead of arrows, if this huge jokes and longer comedy chunks archive is any indication. Sure, a lot of these Valentine's Day, romance-oriented, and battle of the sexes items you've seen elsewhere, but there might be dozens and dozens of others accumulated you haven't.

Check these samples, love and laughs are in the air:

Twelve Things to Never Say When You're Arguing With a Woman
Showering by Gender
Directions for Adam and Eve
A Redneck Valentine
Martian Love
Night of Valentine's Day
The World's Worst Love Letter
How to Install Love
Thirty Things Not to Say to a Naked Woman
Nine Types of Girlfriends
The Dr. Seuss Purity Test

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Comedy is in the mind of the beholder. Proceed at your own risk.

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