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'Cinderella' by Jack Ross

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 'Cinderella' by Jack Ross:
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Cinderella and Her Sisty Uglers: A Spoonerism

This nutty, ultra-cool 1962 comedy performance was the very first record I purchased with my own money. I had enjoyed the piece on the radio, where it became a modest hit. I never heard of Jack Ross before or after Cinderella's release. A few years later, I was appalled to see Archie Campbell perform Jack's exact routine on Hee Haw and elsewhere, as if he had created it.

What makes this version of the classic fairy tale funny are the wild malapropisms, often transposing the first syllables of key words to make for silly doublespeak. Unfortunately, I have not been able to locate a complete online sound file of the story of Cinderella and her sisty uglers -- although The Big Black Hole presents an introductory snippet and background on Ross.

The link below delivers the transcript, residing at Goonerisms Spalore. Here's material best served aloud and near kids.

Cinderella by Jack Ross - Cinderella and Her Sisty Uglers - humour"Cinderella" by Jack Ross

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~ Mike Durrett


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