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A Funny Site of the Day with your Guide Mike Durrett

From "The Rockford Files" Homepage, here's a complete compilation of the opening messages left on James Garner's answering machine. Major trivia!

A different humorous telephone call was presented at the start of each episode throughout the detective series' six original seasons, some examples:

  • Jim, thanks for taking little Billy fishing. He had a great time. Turns out he wasn't even really seasick. Um, have you ever had chicken pox?

  • It's Betty from up the street. I'm calling all the neighbors because Spotty is loose. If you see him, call me. Oh, don't wear musk cologne. Leopards have a thing about that.

  • Jim, it's Benny. I know your sewer's backed up, but I can't get out there today. Maybe your buyers won't notice.

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