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Zippergate and Clinton: Cartoons
Guide picks
Zippergate, White House scandals, and Bill Clinton impeachment cartoons.

Cartoons in Focus
How do the political artists around the globe view The Clinton Affair? These panels from Cartoon Web are insightful and, grudgingly, funny.

Fourteen nationally syndicated American political cartoonists are on top of the news. When fresh twists occur, they scribble in the dirt. From United Media.

Scandal Kids!
A collection of panels, from Pro Cartoonists Index, featuring youngsters' exposure to the Clinton troubles. Read 'em. Go ahead. Do it for the children.

White House Scandal Cartoons
The largest, finest humor site on this topic. Pro Cartoonists Index collects and updates top artists' editorial panels, as available. Thousands of Clinton scandal selections archived.

Zippergate: The Lewinsky Scandal in Cartoons
Several panels by Chappatte tracing the history of the unpleasantness.

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