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Subservient Chicken


I received an email which simply said, ''Finally, somebody in a chicken costume who will do whatever you want.'' Well, of course, I was there.
Subservient Chicken: I don't know if it's a guy or a gal in the chicken suit. My knowledge of poultry gender bits is lacking, but I do know this endeavor is one of the most fascinating Web sites I've seen in a long time and a clever promotional vehicle for its sponsor, Burger King, busy hawking fowl sandwiches. The opening screen says, "Get chicken the way you want it." Then, the Subservient Chicken awaits your instructions. Type a brief message and your wish is his command; one he will fulfill without a peep.
Type anything and chances are he will comply with your demands. He is subservient, after all. That's his job. Tell him to sit and he will. Tell him to dance and he will. Tell him to nap and he will. What's amazing is there are no suggestions listed for his activities. You're on you own. Your imagination is the limit. I tried to stump the chicken by commanding him to hop, do push-ups and jumping jacks, poop, grab a book, hula hoop, get sexy, and watch TV. And I'll be darned. He complied.
Sometimes the chicken fails to respond, but there is a language barrier involved here, too, so give him a beak -- uh, break. Frankly, I find it unusual to meet a chicken that can read, let alone soul train.
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