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Adam Sandler Comedy Movies
With that title we've introduced a new oxymoron to the language. "The Village Voice" says: "Since ... Adam Sandler movies are the skivvie skid marks of modern American cinema, and that reviewing them is akin to quantifying the fractal measurements of windshield gull crap, let's cut to the consumer-advice bottom line: Stay home." We say: Don't view 'em at home either. But, if you must...

Austin Powers Comedy Movies
Mike Myers as Austin Powers is the embodiment of everything great and awful in American cinema spy thrillers, which is what makes him wildly funny.

Billy Wilder Comedy Movies
This impressive writer-producer-director won six Academy Awards and was nominated for 21. Besides his terrific dramas ("Sunset Boulevard," "Stalag 17," "Double Indemnity," "The Lost Weekend"), he made memorable comedies: "The Major and the Minor," "Irma la Douce," "Kiss Me, Stupid," "Love in the Afternoon," and "One, Two, Three." And those are a few that didn't make our list!

Bob Hope Comedy Movies
One hundred years old. More than 50 starring films. Thirty-five years as a leading movie star. Bob Hope is one of the biggest successes Hollywood has ever known and he was quite good, too, innovative, loveable, and snarky. Here are a few of our favorite classics from old Ski-Nose. He had 'tude, dude.

Christmas and New Year's Comedy Movies
Ten slap-happy holiday flicks, all rated three ho's or mo'.

Comedy Movie Capers
"Ocean's Eleven" is bold and cool, but these heists are gold and fools.

Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis Comedy Movies
Ten favorite funny films from Martin & Lewis, the comedy team that owned the world in the 1950s.

Elvis Presley Comedy Movies
Which ones will they be? "Kissin' Cousins"? "Harum Scarum"? "Clambake"? "Stay Away, Joe"? "Spinout"? "Speedway"? "Frankie and Johnny"? "Paradise Hawaiian Style"? It's really -- and I mean REALLY -- hard to choose with "The King of Crock and Reels."

Farrelly Brothers Comedies
There's something about Bobby and Peter, the nutty directors of "Shallow Hal."

Funny Scary Movies
Ten chillers with chuckles, serious horror films with some smiles along the way.

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