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Bob Rivers' Terrorism Twisted Tunes

Song Parodies Go to War


Bob River's Terrorism Twisted Tunes
You know you're hated when the radio guys turn on you. That's where Osama bin Laden, Saddam Hussein, and their fancy thugs find themselves -- on the receiving end of broadcaster Bob Rivers and his troupe of musical satirists.

Listen to these snarky novelty songs devoted to the war on terrorism while spoofing Dixie Chicks, America, Alabama, The Beatles, and others:

  • "Iraqi Regime"

  • "Weapons of Mass Destruction"

  • "Goodbye Saddam"

  • "Al-Quaida"

  • "On a Horse With Hussein"

  • "For Those Who Bombed Iraq"

  • "Hussein"

  • "Proud to Be an American"

  • OK, folks, here's where I must leave you. There is no way for me to link directly to individual Twisted Tunes, so, for best results, you'll need to follow these two easy steps:

      1. Click to: "The Bob Rivers Show" site.

      2. Type the song titles into the Bob Rivers Search Box and submit.

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