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You've Got Mail! - New Mail Notification WAV File Archive


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You've Got Mail!: A popular alteration to personal computer systems is to have them announce the arrival of fresh email in the ol' inbox in a funny manner. This audio resource makes the process easier by collecting heaps of suitable audio clips, most of which originated in movies and television programs, at one place.
Go Postal: Sample message sound bites include:

  • George Carlin: "There's a letter in your mailbox!"

  • "Star Trek's" Worf: "Captain, incoming message."

  • Woman: "You've got spam!"
Get Off-the-Wall: Many of the available .WAVs do not mention mail at all. Use them for your deliveries or other purposes.

  • "The Drew Carey Show's" Mimi: "Bite me, Doughboy."

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