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Holiday Humour
Guide picks
Amusements related to special occasions and travel vacations. For added laughs, visit the American Holiday Humor collection listed below.

Holiday Humor
Our big North American collection of holiday-related humour sites with a mixture of jokes, stories and various wackiness tied to special occasions.

Humor Post Office
Here you'll find amusing email greeting cards to celebrate the holidays and all occasions.

Christmas Jokes.co.uk
For all your festive humour needs, a hefty depository of funny stories and gags.

Edinburgh: A Tourist's Notebook
Tongue in cheek guide to the Scottish capital. From haggis to deep fried Mars bars, there's something for every taste!

Hurrah for the Hols
This story by prize-winning author Helen Simpson welcomes you to the great British holiday.

The Last Resort
Holiday hell or holiday heaven? Asif Hashmi shadows a British travel rep working in Greece.

From the Vulture gang, part of their helpful British Cultural Glossary for overseas visitors, an amusing guide to one of England's favourite seaside resorts.

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