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"Love Is..."

Created by Kim Casali


"Love Is...": "Kim Casali created 'Love Is...' back in the late 1960's when she drew the little pictures as love notes for her husband-to-be, Roberto," reveals Tribune Media Services, which hosts the long-running cartoon feature at ComicsPage.com. "Her illustrations were then revealed to the rest of the world when they were first syndicated in 1970.

"Since his mother's death in June 1997, Sefano Casali has maintained his mother's legacy of the beloved comic panel ... with artist Bill Asprey, who continues to draw the charming little cartoons."

Today's "Love Is...," as seen in newspapers worldwide, with months of previous selections are accessible in an online archive, an effort stretching Valentine's Day romance throughout the year. Individual cartoons become email greeting cards and may be forwarded free to a special friend.

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