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"Lil' Pimp"

Animated Web Cartoons


My take? It's "Dennis the Menace" meets "Dolemite."

The juxtaposition of ultra-conservative family values and lowlife sleaze existing harmoniously in a one dimensional 1960-era sitcom is so off-the-wall that these mini-shows are hard to resist. Imagine tiny tot Opie Taylor procuring Mayberry bitches for Floyd the Barber while carefree Aunt Bee forks everyone spongecake.

Creators Peter Gilstrap and Mark Brooks say, "He's a cute little white boy; he's got freckles, and he's a pimp — Lil' Pimp, to be exact! Share the laughs, the magic and the seductive, brutal honesty each week as Mom, Dad, Lil' Pimp and his pimpin' pals Fruitjuice and Nagchampa — plus superfine 'hos Yam Basket and Honeysack — fill your heart with warmth and your computer screen with memories. And don't forget Weathers, Lil' Pimp's loveable pet gerbil who has Tourette's Syndrome. It's animated, it's free, and it's in color!"

Folks, this ain't "Shirley Temple Theatre." It's an outrageous online animation series, from MediaTrip, with no holds barred language and adult themes -- oh yeah, and heart warmth.

Update (05/19/04): With the demise of MediaTrip.com, "Lil' Pimp" lost his online home. A troubled 80-minute big screen version, the first all-Flash made feature, is rumored to be headed straight to home video in 2004.

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