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Funny Super Bowl TV Commercials, 1998-2009

Watch Your Favorite Super Bowl Ads Online


In Clydesdales/Spot, a wannabe pup bumbles his way onto the glorious Budweiser Clydesdales hitch.

In the Clydesdales / Spot 2007 Super Bowl TV commercial, a wannabe pup bumbles his way onto the glorious Budweiser Clydesdales hitch.

Clydesdales / Spot ©2007 Budweiser, used by permission of Medialink.
Every year the Super Bowl of Advertising happens to be the advertising of the Super Bowl. Televised to huge audiences and glowing public awareness, sponsor placements have become the game's main sideshow event. So much so, ad agencies juice creativity at full tilt levels. The majority of these commercials, historically, are humorous and among a given year's fondly remembered chuckles.

The 2009 commercials are up and you don't have to endure the inconveniences of a football game or bad dip to see them.

Go: 2009 Super Bowl XLIII Ads @ Spike / IFILM

For 2008, GoDaddy Danica Patrick is back, sharing monitor space with the Clydesdales, Napoleon, Wall-E, Parade Balloons, Richard Simmons, beer boozers, and the E*Trade baby, among many others.

Go: 2008 Super Bowl XLII Ads @ Spike / IFILM

The 2007 Super Bowl commercials include appearances by Kevin Federline, Carlos Mencia, Jessica Simpson, Checkout Girl, Fake Dalmatian, Robert Goulet, Blockbuster's Rabbit and Gerbil, and outed lovebirds David Letterman and Oprah Winfrey.

Go: 2007 Super Bowl XLI Ads @ Spike / IFILM

Go: 2006 Super Bowl XL Ads @ Spike / IFILM | Google Video

Note: Each of the above sources may contain different titles.

Watch Related 2006 Videos: GoDaddy's Banned Super Bowl XL TV Commercials

Go: 2005 Super Bowl XXXIX Ads

Watch Related 2005 Videos: Censored Budweiser "Wardrobe Malfunction" Spoof Commercial | Philadelphia Eagles Cartoon Music Video Parody: "Goin' to J'Ville" | Lingerie Bowl

IFILM presents the commercial spots from 2004's Super Bowl XXXVIII with the funny ones by Budweiser ("Fergus, Bud Light!" "Cedric [the Entertainer's] Bikini Wax," "Yelling Like a Ref," "Clydesdale Donkey," "Horny Talking Monkey," "Barbecue," "Rick Fox and Tim McGraw," "Hot Girls Get Carded," "Wrong Lipstick"), MasterCard ([Priceless] "Homer [Simpson] Gets His Errands Done"), Visa ("Kerri and Misty Play Snow Volleyball"), H&R Block ("Willie Nelson Talking Doll"), movie studios ("Starsky & Hutch," "The Ladykillers" trailers), Pepsi ("Thirsty Grizzlies," "Purple Haze," "Big Love"), Sierra Mist ("Where's Wallace?" "You're a Dog"), Staples ("Randy the Supply Supervisor"), American Legacy Foundation ("Glass Freeze Pops"), Dodge ("Monkey on Your Back"), Expedia.com ("Leisure-Time Activities"), FedEx ("Alien Shipping"), FritoLay ("Fight to the Death?"), Chevy Trucks ("Soap in Your Mouth"), AOL ("Motorcycle," "Slow Ride," "Car"), and others.

Go: 2004 Super Bowl XXXVIII Ads

2003: All of the game's national advertisements, including Pepsi's "Ozzy (Osbourne's) Nightmare," Bud Light's "Butt Drinker," Willie Nelson for H&R Block, and the movie previews (Jack Nicholson-Adam Sandler's "Anger Management," "Jim Carrey-Jennifer Aniston's "Bruce Almighty," Will Smith-Martin Lawrence's "Bad Boys 2") are available for viewing on demand.

Go: 2003 Super Bowl XXXVII Ads

Replay the 2002 Super Bowl XXXVI TV commercials, too: Blockbuster's flashdancing guinea pig, the Coen Brothers' "Tax Man," Britney Spears' Pepsi Cola nostalgia, Budweiser's "Naked Guy," eTrade's "Monkey Flops," and (my favorite) M&M's "complimentary chocolate on your pillow," plus all the rest.

Go: 2002 Super Bowl XXXVI Ads

Also, we've located another source for commercials from Superbowl games dating back to 1998.

Go: Superbowl Commercials @ Superbowl-Ads.com
Click on the year you want to view near the top of their page.

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Details and updates on everything about the year's big event.

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