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Beverly Jenkins

Walken The Line

By October 11, 2012

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Today the internet is buzzing over a video of actors Christopher Walken, Colin Farrell, and Sam Rockwell reading lines from the TLC show Here Comes Honey Boo Boo.  Walken, who is a legendary Hollywood actor with a well-documented offbeat sense of humor, has a long history of reading random things in his distinctive voice.  So, hearing him read lines like, "Women that are of voluptuous size, not all that vajiggle-jaggle, is not beautimous," is exactly as entertaining as you think it would be!


Image courtesy of Screen Junkies

I can't embed the video here (stupid rules! *shaking fist*), but you can watch it right here on YouTube.

Personally, I'll never understand the appeal of Honey Boo Boo, and I find it amazing that this show appears on a channel whose initials stand for "The Learning Channel."   This sort of show is exactly why the internet had a huge fit recently when Big Bird became a reluctant political mascot to save PBS.  After all, TLC was originally founded to educate and instruct through the medium of television.  After privatization, "smart" shows were slowly edged out, until here we are, watching an obese woman talk about farts and describing how to make 'sghetti' out of noodles, butter, and ketchup.

Ooof, that sentence made my stomach hurt.

Anyhoo, I digress.  Even idiotic subject matter like Here Comes Honey Boo Boo sounds like poetry when read aloud by the magnificent Christopher Walken, so check out the video!  I would listen to this man read the phone book.  Wait, do phone books even exist anymore?  I'm honestly not sure.


October 23, 2012 at 6:08 am
(1) Face Palmer says:

Seriously! I don’t live too far from that family, and it royally ticks me off. This show makes Georgians look like uneducated, nasty, white-trash hicks and it really makes me mad. I want to slap whoever thought this would be a good show, namely because it’s just flat-out disgusting. TLC was supposed to be educational and clean – and now this garbage? There’s a reason I’m boycotting cable altogether – this is just utterly ridiculous.

Then there’s also the issue that in ANY OTHER SITUATION, this child would be considered mentally challenged because of her spoiled-rotten bratty nature, her mother unfit and her father a doddard, and the child would be taken from the parents and sent to foster care. It makes me furious at the state for not stepping in and taking charge of this situation. And the older girls are obviously not happy to have the cameras around – so much for a normal life. Thanks, Mom and Dad!

And to really ice the cake, this child’s never going to have anything like an average childhood. She’s going to go through life getting the, “Hey, you’re Honey Boo-boo!” treatment, with people jeering at her and making fun of her for the rest of her life. Thanks again, Mom and Dad!

This show needs to be cancelled and the films and records of it burned and the ashes scattered, then the earth where it hits salted. This is utterly disgusting.

And just for the record, if I EVER made the mistake of talking to my parents the way she does to hers, I would’ve been knocked end over teakettle! UGH!

November 20, 2012 at 9:37 am
(2) R. Castillo says:

Here here, I agree with Face Palmer!

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