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Geeks Who Happen to be Apple

By February 20, 2012

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When you hear about a web comic called "AppleGeeks", you might think that it's all about iPods and Pads and Macs and iClouds and trademarking "app store" and things of that nature. Actually, that goes for most potential titles that involve the word "Apple" without the words "Gala", "Seed", or "Bad" also being in there. And even then you couldn't be sure. As it turns out, AppleGeeks is not so much about Apple products and is more about some eccentric weirdos who happen to use them. And it's created by an eccentric weirdo who uses Apple products to make full-page, full-color installments of their surreal adventures. It's pretty, it's adventurous, and it's got jokes, jokes, jokes, (almost) none of which are about Steve Ballmer.


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