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TV and Books Team Up IN Slaughterhouse 90210

By February 3, 2012

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Watching TV is easy. According to this thing I saw on TV, Americans watch an average of 7,000 hours of TV a week. That's even more than we spend on the can. But apparently there's this other way of being entertained by stories, called "novels". A novel is a book (like a magazine but bigger) filled with words, and with those words a writer tells you a story. It sounds crazy, I know. I mean, I literally don't know how to write more than 150 words at a time. Tumblog Slaughterhouse 90210 uses quotations from these dead-tree things and applies them to our favorite TV characters and moments. And then, later on, you can say those quotes, and look smart. Nobody will know you're talking about Screech.


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