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D'Awwwww! Animals that Talk!

By January 30, 2012

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Now, if you're like I was, in the past, you probably think of talking animals in two ways. One way is animals just bein' animals and then someone, maybe Bob Saget, says something in an "animaly" voice and we understand that this voice is supposed to represent the thoughts of the animal. The other is the super creepy computer-generated perfect lip syncing as seen in horrible movies like Beverly Hills Chihuahua. But Klaatu42's YouTube channel takes advantage of animals' natural jaw-flappin' and times excellent comedy bits to fit within them. Klaatu42 has the most convincing talking animals around, because these animals say things you would expect animals to say. Dumb things. Because they're animals.

Image courtesy of Klaatu42 via YouTube


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